Buddha Sakyamuni Thangka


Original canvas

30 x 22 cm


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A Thangka of the Buddha of our present age.  In tibetan, he is known as ‘Thon Pa’, but in Sanskrit as ‘Sakyamuni’.  This is a depiction of the historical figure Prince Siddharta.  His lifelong spiritual journey evolved into the buddhist teachings we have today.

Shielded from suffering, one day by chance the Prince happened to see in succession an old woman, a sick man, then a dead man and was horrified that such suffering existed and would come to his family.  He left the palace to spend his life searching for the cause & the end of suffering.  After following many different ascetics and sages for years without result, he came to sit under a Bodhi Tree.  Immoveable, he swore that he would not move until he had discovered the truth about life.  This thangka of Buddha depicts the moment days later when he came to a deep self realisation and called mother earth to be his witness to his discovery.  That discovery developed into Buddhism – the path to self awareness and mindfulness as antidotes to earthly suffering.

This thangka is painting in the nepali style.

Dimensions 30 × 22 cm

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