3.5m Tara Prayer Flag String


Green Tara Print for compassion

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Tara Buddhist Prayer Flags in a long string to hang outside. The Flag print is the Green Tara prayer in Tibetan. Green Tara prayer flag symbolises protection, through her compassionate actions towards you and all beings. Therefore the flags are said to distribute these prayers to their surroundings as the wind ruffles (reads) them.
Each flag measures 17x13cm, together forming a total string length of approx 3.5m long.
The String contains 5 seperate cycles of flags – a cycle is 5 different coloured flags, so 25 flags in total. The 5 colours represent the 5 elements.
Expect flags that hang outside to gradually fade in colour. However, you can replace prayer flags regularly – for example at Losar, or to mark other auspicious days. Doing so can generate positive action.